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Friday, 03 Nov 2006

Location: Bocas, Boquete and Beyond, Panama

Map Getting out of Panama was just as difficult as getting out of Nicaragua, as it was for most other places in Central America...but the flight was booked to Lima (twice because the first time I dropped the ball and booked the ticket for the wrong date...this should come as a comfort to those of you who think travelling will change me...I am still as irresponsible as ever). So there was no going back.
I can´t say enough good things about Panama so I won´t say anything (much) at all. Except:
Bocas del Torro are beautiful, I went with Hana for our final few days together doing what we most enjoy, beach, drinks and other ¨d¨things until she had to leave. I got my PADI cert there and had a general good time.
Boquete was a chill little place exactly like Victoria so its no wonder I stayed for as long as possible...afterall I dropped my life in Montreal completely after only a my first few days on the Island.
Panama City-I got there and playing in the taxi was ¨friday night we´ll be drinking Menachvitz...going out to terrorize goyem...¨ so it had my mark from the beginning and it did not let me down.
And now South America...yeah so I had 4 days to get from Lima to La Paz to meet up with Brian and Isobel so I was cutting in kinda close. Its mostly a blur...I will however share with you a little piece of travel involving me, my very full bladder and no f--king bathroom on a 20hour bus ride from Cuzco to La Paz. Those of you who have treeplanted with me know I still cannot pee in public...sorry but I am just not that kind of girl and if 4 years in the bush couldn´t change me I don´t think its gonna happen. So I get on this bus and immediately have to pee...I look behind me for the bathroom which doesn´t exist and decide to wait...4 hours later...the bus stops and I decide now is my chance. I get off the bus with about 15 other guys and look for some sort of shrub or cover or whatever, pain by now I get back on the bus. 2 hours later, same scene only this time the women beside me gives me a dirty look for waking her up (sorry lady, the shy canadian girl has stage fright). This time there is even less shrubbery and more men standing by the side of the road (at this point I experienced my first case ever of ¨penis envy¨, or just maybe envying the ability to pee standing up). Defeated I return to the bus...finally I can´t take it so as the bus has gone for about an hour more I squeeze passed the lady sitting beside me and in my sweatest and most desparate spanish I ask the bus driver if he will make a special pausa for me...he does and I get back on the bus to a bunch of annoyed stares...but in my relieved state I couldn´t have cared less...That is pretty much the only thing I remember about those 4 days but I did make it to La Paz so I guess I worked out alright.
I am with Brian and Isobel and the camaras haven´t stopped so I will try and put some pictures up pretty soon. we´re headed off to Cuzco tomorrow for the Inca Trail where I will be punishing myself for the last 6 monthes of drinking and other trouble that has left my body in the unhealthy state it is now.