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James Ruddock’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Dec 2009

Location: On the train to Halifax, NS, Canada

MapSo the Bills lost. I tend to say that a lot! None of the teams I went to see won. I am cursed and Arsenal haven't faired any better during that time either. Great to be at the game night, sitting next to a Jets fan so it was fun poking fun at each other although he had the last laugh....
Now I am on the way back home, been a great trip, met some great people but I am so happy to going home. I have definitely over traveled this year, just exhausted from it all. I used to love flying, everything about it. Now I despise getting on a plane, it's just a chore!
Saying that, I do love traveling and I am always planning my next trip. It's an addiction I think but more a passion. But for now, I just want to work!!!!