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ruthloo’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Apr 2006

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

MapHey everyone. We just got back from the most amazing surf and camping trip up the east coast to Byron Bay.
Our trip started out on Monday morning at 7am where we met our tour group, we then took a 6 hour bus trip up to our first destination Plomers Point. We set up our mouldy tents as quick as we could and made the twenty metre trek with our long boards down to the beach for our first surf lesson. It was really awesome to have some one show us the ropes. We headed back from our first evening of surfing with a huge bump on Ruth’s head and cuts on her nose caused by a flying surfboard.
Our days included waking up at 6am heading down to the beach for an early morning surf and chilling on the beach until LUNCH TIME (our favourite time of the day)! On some days after lunch we would go on mini missions to explore the other beaches for good surfing spots.
most nights included sitting around the camp fire eating our yummy food cooked by the four surf instructors Sheep, Jack, Pat and Cat, and who ever else was around to help out. After supper was when the esky filled to the brim with beer and goon came out and the bonding sessions began.
After two nights at Plomers Point we headed off in 'Captain Good Vibes' aka the bus while being entertained by singing drunk Canadians (after making our regular liquor/grocery stop) and the movie 'Anchor man' until we reached our second destination, which was our favourite. This was a Nature Reserve which was situated on Pebbly Beach a long stretched white sand beach totally deserted by humans with crystal clear sparkling blue water. Here we camped in the forest where we where surrounded by loads of really odd animals including Kangaroos, Bandicoots, leguans and kookaburras.
On our second night here the rain decided to come pissing down on the night that we were given the tent without a zip. So we woke up swimming in a pool of water but all was good as kez sleeps in her bikini anyway and we were going for a dawny (morning surf) too :)
By this time we where all pretty crusty after not having any running water for five days. The ocean became our bath and our best friend. Byron Bay was our next and last destination. Here we were left by our guides and booked into the most amazing backpackers called 'The Arts Factory'. To try explain the feeling of Byron to you it felt to us like a mixture between Hermanous, Plett and Observatory, basically it was a chilled out hippie town. Our tour group all booked into dorms close together so the bonding was still tight. We experienced the awesome night life here for two nights. This included going to The Beach Road Hotel and the famous backpackers delight Cheeky Monkeys.
On our last night we where treated to a dinner by our tour Guides at the hostel restaurant Budda Bar. A DVD which Sheep had compiled of footage from our trip was presented to us and many photo's where taken of all the great new friends we had made over the week.
On Sunday morning we took the 12hour drive back to Sydney feeling really fulfilled after being told our tour group has been the best to date.
We both had the most amazing trip and we'll defiantly not forget the friendships and memories made whilst becoming hardcore surfers :) hahahaha
Miss you all lots love
Loo and Kez