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anniedandjohnm’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Sep 2008

Location: Vancover to Kamloops, Canada

MapOn the road again this am.the 'van' loaded by a bemused bellboy when he saw our luggage (4 folks) On a lovely sunny am we set off out of Vancover for the last time and off up the Trans Canada Highway - route 1 north west for Kamloops. Route 1 took us onto route 5, JM doing a sterling job of the driving with JR in the navigation seat, the girls in the back chatting.
Almost a petrol crisis as we almost ran out of petrol, unlike the UK where motorway services are every 30/40 miles, we went miles and no sign, JM just coasting on all down slopes. Relief, found one in Merritt just off the highway.
Driver change and on to the Sheratan Kamloops 5 plus hours from Vancover, on the edge of town and our night stop, plus a Rics steak house!!