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anniedandjohnm’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Sep 2008

Location: Lake Louise to Banff Springs, Canada

MapAgain awake early 6am, to see the wonderful sunrise over the glacier and lake, breakfast on the balcony to catch as much of the view as possible. Friendly whisky jack birds joined us again for bread, so tame and a delight to see so close to. Kayacks on the lake looked so peaceful, John wished we had more time to take one out. We did however, walk the path to the end of the lake (over a mile) to look back at the hotel. Sun out and hot too.
Saw a couple of cheeky chipmunks begging for food from a lady eating sweets, one of these animals running up her leg!!
Then a farewell to a romantic lake, and setting, and off in the hire 'van' to Banff Springs an hour away.
Banff Springs hotel like a majestic castle of dark stone, set against a backcloth of mountains and pine forests, no lake here though.
Our room in the Stanley Thompson wing overlooing a spectacular view (1311).
Lunch here outside on the terrace of the main hotel in warm sunshine - bliss!!
Later, with a window open in our room, a familiar nose heard, the ping of a golf ball being hit by a driver!! Annie decided a walk to investigate was called for, so set off down a track, being aware a bear could share the route(but no such luck) But a spectacular golf hole, high tee off point to drive over the river! Further on the lovely Bow River Falls.
At night a meal in The Grizzly House fondue steakhouse in town, this a recommend by Marion Kutzer we'd met at Lake Louise. This great fun, with 60's/70's memrobilia everywhere plus music too.