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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 May 2006

Location: Kalymnos, Greece

MapAB: catch a bus from Pothia to Masouri (1euro 25min). Come to Glaros Bar (Steve and Sue). Our room is opposite the cafe/bar with Niki at Studios Ayra. See you tomorrow!
I am back in Kalymnos and it is significantly warmer this time. June beats November for social activities too; summer is just kicking off in Greece and people are excited!
I was so glad to leave Turkey. I met more repulsive Turkish men in Bodrum in 24 hours than I did for the balance of my month in the rest of the country. Tourist towns do not bode well for a positive cultural image. I went for a swim at 7am this morning and was joined by a semi-naked barman still drunk from the night before. When saying goodbye (my exit was made in haste) he was holding my hands and licking his lips. I suspect he was disappointed when I abruptly pulled away. I think that he was expecting a big sloppy sunday morning kiss. No such luck...