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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Jun 2006

Location: Kalymnos, Greece

MapI am sorry to all emailers beacuse my hotmail account continues to play-up. Bad hotmail!
Kalymnos is devine. I led my first 7a+ today. Angela and Rosie are climbing well and we are enjoying the mediterranean ocean swims at the end of our climbing day. The food here is tasty, and we have many Mythos (Greek beer) and cheap but tasty red wine.
Life is good.
Jan and Barry- have a GREAT time in Spain :)
Dad- please don't trouble yourself in saving pea & ham soup for me...
Andy- congratulations on getting the job!!
Peggles- keep up the good golfing and retirement.
Brent- safe travels and thankyou for some FUN and fabulous adventures here in Kalymnos :)