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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Oct 2004

Location: Grafton, Australia

MapRain! We've had more rain over the past 4 days than in the previous 4 months. It's reassuring to hear the frogs again :-)
Angela is already in Thailand, so I will be meeting up with her to do some rockclimbing next month. Until then I will be diligent with riding my bike & doing plenty of push-ups. Kick-arse!
Andrew's booked a flight into Southeast Asia- he will be there at the end of November. Angela & I will be climbing in Thailand, so he'll probably drop by for a beer & a full-moon party. It will be a family adventure ;-)
David's doing his HSC & it's good to be home for that. Family support is so important, especially once exams start rolling in.