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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Jun 2006

Location: Barcelona, Spain

I have arrived safely in Barcelona ;) It is much cooler here!
I have done loads of sight-seeing today and will relax at the beach tomorrow. Barcelona is an energetic city with a great cafe and bar scene. Tonight I am going to kick-start my language learning with watching a Spanish movie at the local cinema. I don't think that there are English sub-titles, so it should be an interesting experience...
I had to leave Angela behind in Venice ;(
She gave me a little yoga/stretching/core strength routine to travel with for the rest of my summer adventures. She has a powerful vocation with her physical therapy. This trip has allowed me to observe (as well as benefit from!) her talents.
She is also a bloody bonza travel companion! We had a great time in Italy. I am now on detox after all the vino, gelato, ricotta, bread, coffee, pasta etc etc. All very tasty, but not so good for the optimal rock-climbing physique!
Hasta Luego ;)