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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Nov 2004

Location: Grafton, Australia

MapOK; I am busy getting fit & strong to travel again. Part of this regime involves riding my pushbike to & from work each day. Anway, on thursday I was heading down George Street, bopping along to some of my favourite music, when I realised I needed to give-way to a car. What happened next can be simplified as follows: brakes, skid. fall, crash, loss of skin & pride, attempt at a graceful recovery (as the car that I successfully gave-way to kindly reverses to check that I am in one piece).
Honestly, what is it about me going down hills fast that really doesn't work out so well?!? I'm pleased to say that this morning I got back on the bike again. I was a little nervous (& still somewhat scabby), but I wont let a little lost skin deter me.
Southeast Asia here I come...