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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006

Location: Keswick, England

MapHello England!
Last night I got a train from Liverpool to Penrith to discover that the buses stop running at 10pm. So I hitched a lift with a truckie between Penrith and Threlkeld. Threkeld is about 5km from Keswick. I walked the old railway line (towards Keswick) for about 45 minutes before contemplating the rest of the journey. The stars were out, the night was pleasant, only me and the sheep were there to enjoy the atmosphere...
It was late and I decided to sleep debajo las estrellas (under the stars). Oh rapture and joy! I woke this morning to a brilliant blue sky and the sound of birds twittering in the trees. England is such a verdant island.
I continued my pilgrimage and arrived at Jan and Barry's just after 6am. They had an Australian flag covering the front door! Awwwh!
On a less cheerful note, UK customs has me on a "watch this girl" list. I got such a bloody hard time last night because I don't have a flight booked out of the UK, I don't have a job, I didn't have evidence of funds etc etc. I've been given one month (instead of the usual six) and there will be a report compiled on my shady activities...