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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Dec 2004

Location: Ton Sai, Thailand

MapI love it here, and except for the mossies & the strange toilets this place could be paradise!
We climbed yesterday with a couple from Norway. They are here for a month with their beautiful 8 month old baby girl. They are more experienced climbers than Angela & I so it was good to be able to do some more of the challenging climbs without having to lead climb.
And here are some interesting facts about family-friendly policy in Norway: after birth the Dad gets a months leave from work at full pay, provided he takes the leave within 12 months; the mother gets 8 or 12 months off work at 80% or full pay respectively.
Now, a contrast: in Thailand there is maternity leave only for the mother, and it is 45 days leave without pay, after which time the mother must return to work or forfiet her job.
Interesting difference....
Angela & I had a thai massage last night and it was devine! Hard-earned too I might add :-)
Andrew is on his way to Thailand as I write, and we hope to see him in a couple of days. AB & I suspect that he might first spend a little time in Bangkok.
Curtis & Angelique have left us, but there are so many people here to climb and play with we are not at all lonely!