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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Dec 2004

Location: Ao Nang, Thailand

MapToday we're having a rest day & have just caught a long-tail boat to Ao Nang. It's strange to be back amongst traffic, shopping and fast-moving people. Being in a bigger town allows us plenty of cheap internet time in air conditioned comfort :-)
Andrew arrived safely in Ton Sai yesterday. He managed one climb before we called it quits, went to the beach for a swim & then started drinking beer. Things are a little slow for us today, but we will be back on the wall tomorrow. We are meeting up with Axel & Guun from Norway, so will be doing some of the more difficult climbs. Angela is doing lots of brave lead climbing, and has the cuts & bruises to prove it.
Andrew is busy practising & embellishing the Thai language. Last night he had the waiter in stitches with his efforts :-) Today he has committed to getting better with the basics, and the results have been impressive. Go Andy!