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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Dec 2004

Location: An Nang, Thailand

MapAndy & I finished our Open Waters scuba diving course :-) It's a beautiful world under the sea & we are keen to do some more diving before leaving SE Asia. Angie is thinking about staying here to do her Dive Master qualification over 3 months. She would have to work in the dive shop for 3hrs a day 6 days a week. Andy & I are insisting that she is on holidays so should relax. It's an enticing idea though- as many dives as she wants to do here whilst getting a universally acknowledged qualification...
Today Angie is doing a border run to Malaysia with a car-full of others from Ton Sai. Andy & I are having a rest, swim & hamock day after doing some emails etc here in Ao Nang. Andy is still recovering from a bout of food poisioning. Touch wood, but I am the only James in Ton Sai that hasn't had the whole food-poisioning experience :-/
We are all getting sooo much better at climbing! AB is leading more difficult climbs, and yesterday I did a 6B+!! It was a grunting, squealing, bruising & incredibly satisfying experience! I couldn't have done it without the ground support- thanks to Steve, Kitty, Angie, Margot, Andy & Grahame!
We might be leaving Ton Sai soon for some partying over christmas & new years. Andy & Angie are very keen to get to another Full Moon Party....

P.S I am getting dreads! I will post photos on this site when the job is finished. Love you Mum...