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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Dec 2004

Location: Ton Sai, Thailand

MapWe are alive & well after today's tidal waves.
As our bungalows were on the beach we've lost most of our luggage, but each have our passports. The accommodation we had is devestated so we've moved ourselves & our scarce, soggy belongings uphill here at Ton Sai.
It has been a surreal day and I've seen some terrible injuries. I helped reunite a boyfriend & his girlfriend who had been out kayaking with the girl's mother & sister. I just spoke to the guy helping search for the others & the Mum was found dead on the rocks between here & Ao Nang. No word of the sister.
It's been a strange day. We are desperately in search of some food before crashing for some much needed sleep.
It's a relief to be here together.