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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Dec 2004

Location: Ao Nang, Thailand

MapThe beaches here are devastated. Yesterday it was all a little too surreal, but we woke up this morning (me in a tent, Andy in a hammock & Angie on a floor matress) thinking "WHAT HAPPENED?!" At breakfast we looked each other over in the borrowed clothes that we are wearing, not quite sure where to from now. Whilst eating our museli we spread out travellers cheques and Thai Baht out accross the table to dry. Everything we have left is dirty and soggy!
We went back to The Rimrock after breakfast to look for Angela's rucksack. We managed to find it under a concrete slab, but have no idea where her wallet and other belongings are. We all have our passports & they are drying in the sun as I write.
Today we are contacting our insurance company and chasing up Angela's lost cards and other details. We are only tourists though, and have the option to got home if it all gets too tough. So many locals have had their livelihood simply washed away. All in high season too! The weather today is perfect again, and it seems almost impossible that people were killed in the ocean here yesterday.
Just moments before the waves started to hit Angela & Andy were in bed and I was dozing in my hamock. If they hadn't woken or the boatmen hadn't been shrieking "wave, wave, run, run!" we could easily have been injured or killed. It all happened in minutes.