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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Jan 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapI am in Bangkok. Joey and I caught the overnight train up and will continue on to Chiang Mai in a couple of days for some more climbing. Ton Sai is still pretty quiet, but the climbers are keeping it alive. It is different not having Angela & Andrew about, but I suspect that they will be back in Ton Sai. I just got an email from Andy who feels that it is his second home :-) It's a very special place for me too, especially after December 26th 2004.
Today I managed to piece all my camera equipment back together. An expensive but satisfying experience. My rucksack is slowly filling-up again...
I am looking forward to climbing in Chang Mai for a week or so & continuing up to Laos. I will charge up my camera batteries & get some more photos on my page soon :-)