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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Jan 2005

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

MapI am in Chiang Mai after an overnight bus trip from Prachin buri (2.5hrs NE from Bangkok). Joey & I stopped off at his home town where NO ONE seems to speak english & the only people I saw were Thai. It was a frustrating but humbling experience not to be able to converse with others for 2 days. I couldn't even order food for myself!
So I'm back on the tourist trail and I had my first conversation in english just one hour ago (other than talking with Joey). It's a relief to feel independent again. We are screen-printing fisherman pants today for my brother Andy & will be climbing tomorrow. I am busting to get back to it...
Oh; I had my first hot shower today in over 6 weeks & it was devine!!