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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Jan 2005

Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam

MapMui Ne is a scenic fishing village with tourism nibbling into the area. The beach is not a patch on South Thailand, but quiet and beautiful nonetheless. Peg & I did some wandering on foot yesterday before embarking on a motorbike tour today. It was fun, and I managed to talk my guide into letting me ride his bike whilst he was the passenger. No worries mate!
There is much more poverty in Vietnam than I had expected. The social problems suggest to me that a communist country is far from equitable. There are many children here in Mui Ne who do not go to school because their parents do not have enough money (or political nous). These children frequent the tourist areas and offer their services as guides or sell trinkets and postcards. It is so sad to see.
I suspect that the poverty might ease as we head further north...
Communism: A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.