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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2005

Location: Saigon, Vietnam

MapI have just been ripped off for what is hopefully the last time here in Vietnam. OK, perhaps there was also some degree of miscommunication. So, I found a decent single room here in Saigon & told the receptionist that I was going to stay "2 nights & how much?". She said $US11. I looked at the room & took it, thinking $5-50 for a night including breakfast, internet my own toilet (VERY important when I arrived) was OK.
Anyway, I just went to chek out & was told that it's $11 for each night!! Arrrgh! The lady (a different one to the one who checked me in) gave me a "discount", so I only paid $10 per night. Way over my budget still, but what can you do in this country??
This is an example of the "hate" notion within my relationship with Vietnam. The situation I have described never happened to me in Thailand.
Anyway, in 30minutes I will be on my way to Cambodia :-)