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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Apr 2007

Location: Boulder, USA

MapPeg and Peter have departed The USA. They stayed with Brent and I here in Boulder for 12 nights. The weather was not as reliable as we'd planned, but Peg and Peter were very accommodating when the conditions resembled winter more than spring. It snowed three times whilst they were here.
We walked, ate, drank, did brewery tours, tea factory tours, visited Breckenridge ski resort, shopped when the weather was really bad, took silly photos and generally had a holiday. Brent had to teach for some days and I had to work, but our weekly committments were not too big.
It was great having them here. I think that Peg and Peter had a good time. It was a long way for them to travel and I am very grateful for the time and money they dedicated towards meeting Brent and having a holiday in The USA :)