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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Mar 2005

Location: Keswick, UK

MapSo, I'm working at Tony's sandwich shop. It's called "The Lakeland Sandwich Shop" and it's a bustling little business. All my colleagues are female, and my biggest problem so far is understanding Katie's thick Scottish accent! I've also had a few amusing misunderstandings with customers regarding either currency or sandwich fillings. I know, I know: I'm an Aussie and I speak "funny" :-/ One of the locals comes in at lunch time and greets me proudly with a "G'day mate!". So far it's been a great way to meet the locals :-) This weekend will be nuts as it's the Easter break. Apparantly it's the biggest tourist weekend of the year for Keswick.
Sandwiches galore!
This afternoon Tony took me for a bike ride around the lake. It reminds me of that English TV show set in the 60s; I think it was called "Heatbeat"? Lucious countryside.
Tomorrow is my first day off work since arriving in Keswick. I'd like to be doing some rockclimbing, but I also must prioritise getting some Keswick photos onto the internet. Enough of me TELLING you how beautiful it is here, I absolutely must SHOW you how beautiful it is...