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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Apr 2005

Location: Keswick, UK

MapThe weather is terrible here!
It snowed last night, and today it's overcast, windy and raining. Oh, there's some hail too. At least there's always something to talk about with people: the weather is constantly changing (and usually shitty). It's seems safe to start a conversation with the weather as everyone has a gripe to make.
I'm assured that it will inprove as summer approaches...
Yesterday I went for a big walk from Keswick to Rothswaite. It was about 10 miles and took me over 4 hours. After all the rain, hail, mud, streams and gates I finally arrived at my destination. Between 3.45 and 5pm The Royal Oak at Rothswaite has a "scones and tea" for £2.70. I participated & thoroughly enjoyed both the food and the company- a bunch of old people sitting aound a crackling wood fire. It was a jolly good experience. After having a lengthy chat with my newfound friends I chickened out on walking & caught the bus home.
I am making some awesome sandwiches! Tony has promised to show me some of the "behind the scenes" part of the sandwich-making process...