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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Jul 2005

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

MapI was on the tube from Liverpool Station in London less than 24 hours before the bombs exploded. It's strange to again feel so close to such tragedy, and again I feel relieved to be alive!
I am now safely (and happily) here in Karlsruhe, Germany. Today I will be watching the end of the seventh stage in the Tour de France. Just in case you're watching on TV, I'll be in a red shirt standing between two English lads wearing bobby hats. I met them on the flight from Stanstead, and last night we went out for beer & pizza. I like Germand beer! They certainly know how to give good head...
We ended up at a bar called "Scruffys" and came 3rd in the quiz, winning a bottle of whiskey. It was a team effort to win the bottle, but I can honestly say that I let Steve & Dominic reap the rewards.
Tomorrow I'll be at the start of stage 8: Pforzheim-Gerardmer. My first venture into France daws nigh....