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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Jul 2005

Location: France

MapWhat difference does 10 minutes make?
Today, 10 minutes has cost me a frustrating amount of time & convenience. Until this morning, my experiences on the train system here in Europe had been positive. Sadly, it all seemed to go wrong. The 7.17am train from Grenoble to Nimes was 49 minutes late. I knew I'd be cutting it fine with a 10.30am flight, so decided to splurge on a taxi when I arrived. Alas, I arrived at Nimes airport at 10.27am, my 23euro spent in vain, as I was 10 minutes too late. FR827 was on the runway and ready to depart, without me...
Next flight to London Stansted? Tomorrow. Same time, same place.
My options were as follows:
1. Reschedule for tomorrow, at an added cost of 60euro, or about $AUD100.
2. Buy a "new" flight for later today. My choice of destinations being either Luton London or Liverpool, both located in England. These options carried an added cost of 341 or 346 euros respectively.
3. Start walking.
I wont keep you in suspense for too much longer. Part of the decision involved prior knowledge of the fact that I'm due back at work tomorrow. Firstly from 8am at The Lakeland Sandwich Shop, and secondly from 6pm at The Packhorse Inn.
So (to fill you in on some more relevant information), I take home the equivalent of about 300euros (after tax) each week in The Lakes. There are a lot of sandwiches and quite a few beers involved in earning my British Pounds, and I found myself struggling to justify option 2.
Option 3; it's a long way from Nimes to Keswick, and I have a fairly heavy rucksack. Also, even if I did start walking at 10.30am today, it's fairly unlikely that I would be in Keswick for an 8am start at The Lakeland Sandwich Shop tomorrow.
Option 2 became the best looking choice.
I re-booked on Ryan Air FR827 from Nimes to Stansted, reluctantly handing over the necessary credit card.
I now face a 21 hour wait here at le aeroport Nimes. Rest assured that I'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for check-in tomorrow!
P.S I have informed both employers of my (unplanned) extended stay here in France. Again, I apologise to Tony at The Lakeland Sandwich Shop and Ange & Colin at The Packhorse Inn. I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!