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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 01 Aug 2008

Location: Boulder, USA

MapBrent and I are leaving Boulder in one week. It's a sad feeling. We have such a great and simple little life here. We both ride our bikes to work, the grocery store and the Mountain Sun. We can run before work and climb after work, camp on the weekends. I love living here!
We have our moving van booked for Saturday August 9th. It's a 4 day rental so we're making a road trip of it, stopping at Crested Butte (beautiful!), Mesa Verde National Park and driving through Monument Valley.
Brent starts work at NAU on August 18th.
We haven't got anywhere to live in Flagstaff just yet, but something will come up. If not, I hear that the summer is a good time to camp in Arizona...