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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Aug 2008

Location: Flagstaff, USA

MapBrent has started teaching at NAU (Northern Arizona University) and I am looking for work.
I thought you might appreciate this little story...
Brent works in the NAU math department with a married couple who have three young daughters. The husband is a runner. The wife enjoys swimming, but is not a runner. I have met them twice now and they are a lovely family. Anyway, the husband asked Brent what his plans were for the labor day long-weekend as he and his wife wanted to take the girls camping at the Grand Canyon. He suggested that Brent and I could come along, and on Saturday he and Brent could go for a long run into the canyon "while the wives and the kids hung out on the rim".
Not bloody likely that I'd be hanging out on the rim while Brent goes running for a couple of hours through the Grand Canyon...