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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Sep 2005

Location: Rome, Italy

MapThe three of us are back in Rome after a busy few days touring Italy.
We saw Pompei, an old Italian city that was covered in 7metres of Vocanic ash in 79AD. The following day we drove back up to Rome via the Almalfi Coast. Oh the traffic!?! Dad and I have been sharing the driving, and the experience is more akin to SE Asia than a developed country...
So today we have seen the Colosseo and The Vaticano. Tonight is Peter's last night in Italy, so we are planning a night of berra, vino & pizza. The food, coffee and wine here in Italy is devine; Peg and I will have no trouble entertertaining ourselves over the next 10 days!
Ange, Andy & DJ; we promise to get Dad safely on the plane tomorrow :-)