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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Oct 2005

Location: Verona, Italy

MapRomeo Romeo!
It's a beautiful city in which Shakespeare chose to stage "Romeo & Juilet". Verona seems much less touristy than Florence, but just as worthwhile to visit. Peg and I had coffee in a lovely & bustling Italian cafe. It's a beautiful day. I hope it stays sunny and calm for my 2.5 day ferry journey to Greece; I leave from Venice tomorrow.
Italy is a beauiful country. It's changed so much as we've moved further north: it seems almost poverty-stricken in the south and luxuriously wealthy in the north. Although, we have observed that everyone appears to enjoy good food and beverage :-)
Tomorow Mum will fly back to London before the long haul to Bangkok. A weekend of shopping awaits her in Thailand...
P.S We are staying in a converted monastary!