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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2005

Location: Venice, Italy

I am back in Venice for the third time. This morning I saw Peg off on the airport shuttle bus in Verona before I jumped on a train back to sunny Venice. Peg and I actually ended up here by mistake a few nights ago whilst attempting to get to "Vicenza" rather than "Venezia". From the train windows it was all seeming a little too familiar: too much water & not enough land...
Peg says "This feels very much like Venice BJ", and I replied "I would agree with that Peggles". No worries though, and we had another night at our Venitian hotel. They were very welcoming, and slightly surprised to see us again so soon!
This afternoon I am catching a 2.5 day ferry to Greece.
Ciao Ciao!