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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Oct 2005

Location: Kos, Greece

MapI am on the Greek island of Kos, and from outside the internet cafe I can see Turkey. Yep; just a 30min ferry away is yet another country. It's all so close over here. I hazily remember the days of driving 10 hours from Grafton to get to uni in Bathurst, and still being in NSW!?
I had a long ferry ride from Venice to Patras, and kept mostly to myself. Very few deck-travelling people spoke english, and most were overweight middle-aged males. Not my sorta crowd really...
So, a bus to Athens, and day with a friendly mechanic and a jolly cook from Greek Ferrys. As my boat didn't leave till 7.30pm they took me to lunch. Great food & good stories. Travelling by yourself gets lonely at times, but you're always guaranteed to meet more people!
Last night I caught the overnight ferry to Kos, arriving at a dark & sleepy 4am. Laundry, internet, groceries & then KALYMNOS!!
I am meeting Davie & crew there for some rock climbing.
Bring it on.