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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Jan 2006

Location: Keswick, UK

MapAll gone Kylie :-(
Yesterday whilst saying goodbye I was fiecerly tempted to jump on a bus with her and travel away into the sunset.
Mum- don't stress, as I am still here in Keswick!
I am humbly grateful to have two very special friends in Kylie and Merilyn. I met them both about 6 years ago when I first moved to Sydney. We worked together. Now we each live different lives in different countries, but have managed to stay in contact. It was both grounding and liberating to spend time with Kylie this week. Sometimes I feel myself losing perspective whilst living the nomadic existence I have chosen. Thankyou to Kylie for the injection of unconditional friendship and understanding that she has provided.
Good friends are gold, and I have one in Kylie :-)