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Belinda’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jan 2006

Location: Keswick, UK

Map"In the mountains, worldly attachments are left behind, and in the absence of material distractions, we are opened up to spiritual thought. When we look out at the ocean or gaze up at the sky and clouds, or even the rock wall of a mountain, it is difficult for our mind to form labels. What is it really that we are looking at? There is no real thing here, just colour and shape. And when we stop attaching labels to what we see, a sense of quietness flows into the gap, bringing us a step closer to the understnding of emptiness.
When climbing, the presence of mind that one needs in dangerous situations makes one naturally undistracted, and that undistractedness is what generates awareness and a feeling of being completely alive. Each action becomes meaningful because each movement is a matter of life and death...
We should attempt to carry the spiritual experience of the mountains with us everywhere."
p.218-219, "Touching My Father's Soul" by Jamling Tenzing Norgay