Laura’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Dec 2006

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

MapOk so this is way long overdue...... I will attempt to update the diary since Sydney which firstly seems so long ago...well it was! and secondly v weird cos its where i'm going back to in a few days!

so a breif round up.... from sydney we ventured all the way up the East coast of oz joined by Ags and Alex in Brisbane and then Steve in Mckay.
A few of the things we did included Fraser Island, The Whitsundays, another skydive for me and a first for the others, diving on the great barrier reef and meeting some awesome ppl along the way.....check out my pics for an overview of the adventures.

so since i've been back in nz i managed to get a job 3 days after i returned working for Fuji Xerox in Auckland where i've been living. what started out as a 4 week project turned into a wee while longer and i finished there last week! met some awesome ppl there too (hi stacey!)

apart from that not a lot has really happened. been going to the gym most days....Les Mills in Auckland is where all the classes from the UK originate and although many of u will think í'm nuts its been awesome training there.

so the last few months has simply flown by and i seriously cant believe i've been away the best part of a yr. i'm off to oz (sydney) on sunday for I'm not sure how long but it will be great fun. will be out there with Sara who i met in nz and theres a couple of the boys out there too. New Yr in sydney who would have thought?!?
looks like i could be back in Feb for a couple of weeks so watch out and keep ur diaries free for the last week of fev and 1st week of march!

we had xmas day yest and it was sooo lovely being able to be around family even though i was miles and miles away from home.. the day was pretty cruisy with a few nutty things happening.. mainly my cousin dressing up as father xmas and taking the role very seriously!

today being boxing day we went to the opening of Happy Feet the most gorgeous film if you love penguins...its a must see! we then went over to Whakatane for lunch with freinds where it was 29 degrees...summer is here! woop woop!

well thats about it folkes

hope you all had lovely xmas's and have an awesome new yr! (yeah right i know at home its always a let down! just think of me in sydney!!! ur all very welcome to come over!!!)

muchous love