Laura’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Feb 2007

Location: San Francisco, USA


well slight change of plan......hehe! ok so met a crazy little chick called Katie in Fiji and spent an awesome and pretty giggly week with her in the sunshine on some fairly remote islands...was great!! neway she was off to San Francisco the same day i was off to LA and all her planning made me want to go there too.....LA sounds pants compared to San Fran..... so after a crazy moment i changed my flight! also must add that this flight change was done 3 hours before the flight! for someone who likes to plan this was a bit last minute for my liking but it was sooooooo worth it!

met up with one of my fav kiwi boys and then spent today shopping like i havent shopped in 10 years and sightseeing...San Fran is gorgeous!!

well katie has arrived today and we've just been out for an awesome meal at Sears Fine Foods.....gorgeous!

planning the next couple of days and then thats it....Oh my goodness i'm coming home....i am going to be freaking out on that final plane journey! but sooooo looking forward to seeing you all.

ok so i should probably put a plan together for the weekend....i'm thinking everyone round to mine anytime from sat arvo onwards and then out somewhere probably richmond or kingston.....warning drinks will be on you folkes as i'm eternally broke after this yr!!!!! i dont have a mob number for the uk at the mo but my lovely little bro is working on a sim card for me.

otherwise my number here in San Fran for the next couple of days is....+014152024734.

cant wait to see you all
big love xxxxxx