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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006

Location: Haverford, PA, USA

MapThe First Week

Actually, i didn't do much this week.
The day i arrived we went to celebrate Father's day.
Two days later, i walked in Philadelphia streets.. it was nice but after few hours by my self i gave up and turned back to my uncle's hair dressing salon.
On the next days i slept alot! on the evenings we usually (me and my uncle) go out.
We went to "The davinci code" which was nice, we saw a 2 men show which was totally freaky! and went to local Coffee shop, where were good looking ladies..
In the last couple of days was raining all day! It should stop in two days... it's really nice to have rain in the summer, it's pretty warm outside but the rain makes you feel cool.

I hope to have more exciting stories next entry...
i'll post some pictures of my uncle's home, then you'll understand why i don't go out...