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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2006

Location: Haverford, PA, USA

MapAnother week has passed, and actually i managed to fill up my schedule with few attractions, thanks to Youval (my uncle).

Confession: In the United States of America i ate the most tasty falafel i had ever ate! That was in the city (Philadelphia) at religious Jewish guy restaurant, obviously, the man know to make falafel!

On Saturday, i went to the city (Philadelphia of course) with Michel and Jinny. Michel is a very nice guy that i met through Youval (Michel is Youval's client son), we went to China town and few other places in the city. it was much better than walk alone with no idea where i am or what i'm looking at.
In the evening i went with Youval and Robin to a show called "Alo Brazil". great show with lots of drum players, good rhythm, i had great time...
the next couple of days i don't remember what i did... probably not too much.
Yesterday was 4 on July. We (Youval, Glen - Youval's partner, and their kids, Eve and Noah) went to see "Superman Returns" in Franklin institute on an Imax screen. Actually, the screen was so big that you had to move your head in order to see the whole picture. We ended up with sprained neck.. The movie was also not a big success. As we went out from the Franklin's building, there was a parade of 4 on July, they know how to make people be proud of their country!
I'll post some new pictures soon, keep in touch and post some messages here.. :)

One last thing, in the first week i couldn't handle the American small talk, "How You doing?", "Hi, how are you?" etc., it seemed so unreal, and when i tell it to the people here they said that all the Israelis say the same thing.

Confession #2: i'm getting used to the annoying small talk...


Danny just reminded me... You can't imagine how rainy is here! it's hot and rainy all week!
Danny, keep having fun! hope to see you soon.