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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Jul 2006

Location: Newyork \ Haverford, USA

After long time of silence, i'm coming back, with more strength then i had...

The last few week went pretty easy, actually, i did few things, but i couldn't refuse the thinking of what's happening on my country, to my friends!!

So, first, i'm really sorry i'm not there.. and i'm using this site now as Alex said for therapy.. (of course i can't compare the situations!), but the people abroad might understand the feelings between the almost unstoppable "wanna come home" feeling, and the "wanna travel" feeling. I can't count the times i felt like "I need to get home".

Ariel, if you read this, know that i understand your feelings, but your father is right, you have to keep traveling! That's the time, you might regret this for long time if you'll come back home. (Anyway, that's my opinion, and thanks to all of you that supports, maybe most of you don't know, but your'e helping alot!)

After long "prolog", i'll tell about Newyork, and the reunion of Danny, Noam and me. (Ben, which is a friend of Noam and Danny was there too...)
I must say i very appreciate the guests of Michel, who i met a week before i went to NYC.

The first thing we did was as expected, eating and watching girls... we went to Central Park with sandwiches and just stair on every move around. Next, we decided to go to the Metropolitan Art Museum, which was about 40 blocks away, Long walk indeed! But with the right people, you can walk a lot!
There we met Israeli woman who told us that we can pay less 10$ instead of 15$ if we have student card, i couldn't stop laughing when i realized she didn't know that the prices are recommended, you can pay 1 penny!
Afterwards we went to Apple store, most of you saw the horrible picture. just mention that because we went back 24 blocks. Then i was supposed to meet Michael, but he went to Apple store in Soho, which is 40 blocks away... All by feet...
Anyhow, i met with Michael, and had great night with him and his cousins.
The next day i met Noam and Danny again, but now there were many people from the camp, we divided to 2 groups and went to Broadway show. The show was great, and i had great time with you people.
(Hold on, i almost done..)
On my way back, i had a mistake and instead of turning to 8th Ave. (from 7th) i found myself at 6th. looking to my right i see river of people (yeah i know, it's an expression in Hebrew!), there was a fair. So, i bought few shirts and perfume..

That's all for now,
Next time is the Washington weekend, it'll be short.
BTW, i became an internet shopping animal!

Yaron (or Roy as they called me)