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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Aug 2006

Location: Quepos(in some forest), Costa Rica

MapSometimes it’s like pain in the ass to update the site. But I know it worth it..

Washington and the last two weeks in US were great!
I stayed at Itamar and Lindsay’s place. We went to concert in Hilton, of a local band, which were Lindsay’s friends. After the concert we went to someone’s house to after concert party…
The next day Itamar and me hang out in Washington and had great time together.
Then, I got back to Philly, and from this point my job was entertaining my sister and grandma. It was very easy, just find the biggest and not too far shopping mall, leave them there and get back few hours later.
On the second weekend of their arrival (the first I was in Washington), we went to Phyllis Baseball game. We were on a suite box. That was cool, but the best pat was when the ball flew right into our box!! That was crazy! So lucky! The second best part was the food.. you watch pretty boring game, but you’re holding Bud Light and the popcorn is right in front of you, and the waitress just brought you fried chicken wings, all free!! Can you ask for more?!?
Next Time I hope I’ll manage to get to NBA game…

Nothing special since then.. till the flight to Costa Rica which be called from now on CR (It’s too long for me to write it each time!), first we went to Tabacon which is like “Hamei Yoav”, few pools with different temperature made all by nature. The place located right next to Arenal volcano and the water which passing by the volcano getting heated The Next day we went to Youval’s Villas. Boy they’re beautiful!! Amazing view, amazing animals (Monkeys, Birds, Frogs Etc. can be heard and seen threw the bedroom window). We have here two swimming pools and the Pasific ocean is 5 min drive (down the mountain) and can be seen from my bedroom window.. I saw it in pictures before, but it’s really not the same, you just can take a picture that pass the filling of being here.. the sounds..

On Monday I’m starting the trip all alone (for now), in San Jose.
Wish me luck (I don’t have a clue where to sleep!!),
The internet connection is so slow that i can't connect to Skype or messenger, and of course can't upload Pics. I Pictured over 240 in the past 5 days!! I'll post some as soon as possible.