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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Aug 2006

Location: Costa Rica

MapThe last two days were amazing. We saw so many animals: monkeys, toucans, hawks, horses, dogs, cats… :-)

But the unusual part happened yesterday. While I was waiting for sunset to take some beautiful pictures, a big gray cloud came from the Northwest, and ten minutes later we all were inside, listening to the thunder. Another 10 minutes passed and the electricity went off, which means, no light, no phone and no water, because there’s a pump that pumps water from “Be’er”, no electricity -> no water.
So, we all sat in the living room, waiting for the electricity to return. After 30 minutes we understood that we were going to eat Friday night dinner in the dark.
While setting the table for dinner, the storm got stronger and there was less than a second between lightning and the thunder, which means the lightning was less than 300 meters away!! And the thunder was so loud that we almost couldn’t hear ourselves talking. 30 minutes later the storm “chilled out” and we went outside to watch the lightning show from the balcony, and it was amazing. Every two seconds there was a bright lightning, but without it’s “roots”, which is the best part of lightning. Another 20 minutes passed and the lightning flashed with their roots, so I tried to catch them with the camera, which is sooo hard!! On the third try, success!! There were another two afterwards, but no success on catching them.

Oh, what an evening! Something to remember…