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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Aug 2006

Location: Costa Rica

MapTime flies!

Last time, i was in Monte Verde.
On the last night there, we took a night tour in the rain forest.
We saw lots of animals, which you can never see by yourself! The guide was very good and showed us amazing things, the only problem was that my batteries died.

From Monte Verde we took a bus to San Jose and the next day we took a bus to Porto Viajo, which is where i am.
Porto Viajo is on the Caribbean coast, 2 hours from Panama.
Yesterday and the day before we rented surf board, It is soooo fun!! I learned to surf (It's much easier than skying), and the waves were perfect for beginners.
The town is very calm and most of the people here are Rasta Man :)
It's much different than the rest of Costa Rica.

Tomorrow we're going to Boca Del Chores, Panama.