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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Sep 2006

Location: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

MapHello Nicaragua!

Three days ago we (Tal, Yonatan, Yoni and me) got to Nicaragua from San Jose. Another stamp on the passport :)

We got to Granada around 20:00 and we thought it's like Yafo downtown, actually even worse!
We decided to leave in the morning, but than we met few israelis that convinced us to stay during the day. That was a good advice, in the morning we went to nearby market which called Masaya, there you can feel 3rd world country living!
We went out on the evening, to drink the local beers (Victoria and Ton'a), that was nice.
Yesterday we (Tal, Yoni and me) came to San Juan Del Sur, which is on the west-south cost of Nicaragua. nice town, without lots of tourists.
In the evening we took a tour to see turtles laying eggs, that was cool! I missed that in Costa Rica (in Turtugero) and i think that it's much better, and not because i did it here! We were able to take pictures, which you can't in Turtugero and we were only 10 ppl, so we could pet the turtles and actually get really close when she laying her eggs, that was an experience!
Today we took some kind of track ride to nice beach and spent there the whole day.

Tal and Yoni are great! We usually got the same plans and we get along very good!