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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Sep 2006

MapI had sooo much things to write! i'll try to make it short.

After San Juan del Sur we went to Isla De Ometepe which is a lake on the top of sleeping volcano. That place is amazing! great view, great atmosphere! You don't need to take care of anything, in the hostel you can find all you need in very cheap prices!

There i celebrated my B-Day. Few Mexicans that we met there arrange b-day cake, and we all got drunk and play drinking games with 4 Mexican, 2 Argentinian, 1 Skotish 2 Canadian and 4 Israelis.. you can guess it was fun! i'll post some photos soon, it says more than me.

Then, we went to Granada again and from there to Laguna de Apoyo. Another lake, with great view.
Then we left Yoni (Thanks for everything man!! it was great with you!!) and started the way to Guatemala (Tal and Me), threw Managua (Capital of Nicaragua) which was the scariest place i've ever been and San Salvador (Capital of El-Salvador) we got to Guatemala city and few minutes later we took the bus to Managua which is the city that i'm in now. Nice people and beautiful city, i like it here!