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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Sep 2006

Location: Rio Dulce, Guatemala

MapLong time since the last time..

I did´nt have good internet connections or no time.
as you can see in the pictures the views are the best. Never seen such things!!

In Antigua i did the Pakatya mountain, which is an active volcano. We got less than 2 meters from the Lava!! That was Scary and exciting.
Since Antigua i´ve been in Atitlan Lake, in few towns:
San Pedro-The best place to be few days and relax. The best food in the trip so far (Except Magda KAPARA ALEA)
San Markus-Few hours it´s more than enough! in this place you can do Yoga and Massage, sure not for me.
Santa Kruz-Beautiful place that usually have great party in the weekends, the owner wasn´t there so we just spent Saturday night in the sauna and the lake (Running from place to another).

From Atitlan we moved to Lankin (Samuk Sham pey), the most beautiful place nature made! it´s a river that splits to 2 rivers. one on top and one under. The river on top turn into few pools one after another. You gotta see the pics to understand!
There we also went to caves tour. They take you to the caves and give you candles. After few minutes you find yourself swimming with one hand and all you care is to keep the candle alive!

Then we got to Livingston to celebrate Rosh Hashana, 11 people in a very fancy (Compare to the rest) hostel. That was so special to celebrate holiday with people i met a day before. I did the blessing thing, and was very nervous about it.
Now i´m all alone in Rio Dulce, i earlier with Nick, a British guy i just met to very hot waterfall that falls into very cold lake, it´s amazing this kind of things, you can feel the power of nature!

I don´t know what´s next, Honduras or Mexico...