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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Sep 2006

Location: Rio Dulce, Guatemala

MapI have sooo much to tell!

Since i´m alone i feel much much better!
I met so much people and spoke hours with them.. Few Guatemalans, 2 American, Dutch girl and Daniel Israeli girl that work here...

Yesterday Daniel and me went to see ruins of the Maya in Quirigua (I think they spell it that way), it was amazing! Not the ruins but the place, it was in some jungle with only few tourists, and none Israelis! It was such fun just to hear the noise of the birds and other animals. We saw lizards and a snake (finally i saw one!)
We spent lots of time hanging around in Rio Dulce, and talked for hours.
In the evening i met Fluer, Dutch girl (Holland) that just came from Honduras. She is such a crazy girl!! We drank few drinks in the bar and set on the dock of the hostel and spoke.. after about 5 minutes we thought it would be nice to get into the water, and while we speak she just jump into the water with all her cloths (Jeans and everything)... i went to put my bathing suit :)
After i got into the water another 5 people got in and we made some kind of party in the lake.
Today Daniel and me went to an old castle, wasn`t that exciting but there´s a very nice beach right next to it, so we spent few hours there and got back.
Now i´m waiting for Shay, we suppose to go together to Honduras in the next days.
Daniel so funny! Every couple of minutes she comes with another bright sentence!
I´m sure having fun alone, without so many Israelis around, i think i´ll keep that way.