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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Oct 2006

Location: San Kristoval, Mexico

MapSo, After great great time in Rio Dulce it was about time to leave.
I met Shay, and we went all the way to Utila, Honduras threw Livingston again.
There (in Livingston) we (Shay, me, and another 2 Israelis that joined us) decided to take a boat to "Playa Blanca" (The white beach), sounds great, we went on the boat after the 2 guys said it'll be 40 Qatsal, which was very chip compare to the others, i was a little bit suspicious but ohh well...
When we got infront of the beach the guy told us that we give him 50 Q each, and he'll pick us up in 1 hour. Of course on this point we understood that something is wrong so we told him that we want his friend with us, they refused so we demand to take us back to the town (40 min away buy boat), he said that he wont move until we give the money. We gave him half and told the other half will be in the town, after 20 min ride he stop at nowhere and told us to get down, we went sown and realized that they were on the way to some army base and the plan was to leave us in the playa. One of the scariest moments of my trip!!
After Livingston Shay and me got to Utila, Honduras and i did my diving course, which was amazing!! i got addicted to diving, although i have problems with my ears, i hope i'll recover soon.
In Honduras i met Yael and Gidi (From Rosh Ha Shana) and another few Israelis and we did together Yom Kipur.
From Honduras i went to Kopan Ruins, i met there an German guy and travelled 2 days together. From there i took a bus to Tikal, Guatemala, there i went to the ruins and had great experience! Lots of Maya people from Peru, Mexico and Guatemala came to celebrate the Civilization day, they sacrificed stuff and pray, it was like the city came back to life!! amazing!
From There i went to Palenke, Mexico - Ruins again... after few hours in Palenke, which i felt very lonely i decided to do the Ruins and 2 waterfalls on the next day and end the trip in San Kristoval, Colonial City. We went by GMC and supposed to get at 21:00 to the city, in the middle of the way, the engine died, so we waited 30 min on the side road to other car to take us, during this time we were freezing!! and were afraid that some track will kill us.. (The priority goes to the bigger, track first, cars, bike and then people.. that's the way it goes in Central America)...
I'm 4 days here already and i don't want to leave, there are sooo many good people around and the city is beautiful with great night life!
Here i did horseback ride to Indian village and a tour by boat to Sumideru Canyon, which was amazing! two 1 k"m walls from both side along the way, covered with lots of plants and trees.
If you're in the area don't miss San Kristoval!!