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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Oct 2006

Location: Boenos Aires, Argentina

MapChapter ends and other begins...
From San Kristoval i went to Mexico City, there Eli, friend of my dad, guest me. It was amazing! He did everything for me, and took care of everything!
I went to museum, zoo, movie, metro expo and went out at night with Liron, one of his workers.
All was great, but the most amazing thing was the football match America Vs. Puma, both are Mexico city teams, yes, derby in one of the craziest football cities. 110,000 people fill the Azteca Stadium. The atmosphere was unbelievable.

From there i took the worst flight ever to Boenos Aires. Four flights, 14 hours total on air(!!).
So after 20 hours i got to Boenos at 3:30 in the morning.

Good bye Central America, i'll probably come back!
Hello South America, i can't wait to see the great places you got!

Summery of Central America photos will be posted soon