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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Nov 2006

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

MapWOW! It's been a month in Argentina. I haven't notice till i entered the site. I think that when you get closer to the South pole the time move faster. In Central America i could be in 3 different countries and here i've been in 4 cities...
In Buenos Aires i managed to go to Carting place which was very professional and the people who know me can guess how much i loved it.. It's a disease i'm telling you, i just love the steering wheel...
Of course, since i got to Argentina, i had to go to "Parilla" (Grill)restaurants, i went to two different restaurants, to one of them which was "Tenedor Libre" (Eat as much as you can) i went twice, and yes, that was good!! (I think that you can see in the Pics some of the steaks)
Four days after i got to Buenos Aires, Anat and Einav came. Finally to see someone from home.. i was so excited to pick them up from the airport.
In two days we found ourselves in Salta, which is in north Argentina. That took us 19 hours by bus, but it was better then any flight i've ever flew! We took the "Cama" which is like a bed.. amazingly comfort.
In Salta we (Einav, Anat and me) met group of 4 Israelis and hang out with them for 2 days, and then we rented a car to see the area around Salta.
We've travelled 1042 K"m (Which as you can guess i drove most of it and loved every second of touching the Gas Pedal.
We went to Jujui and then to the 7 colors mountain, that was very special, it's like "MACHTESH Ramon" but in one mountain.
From there we decided to take the way to San Antonio. On the way we passed threw salt dessert.. that was something i've never seen before, in the middle of the desert, nothing special around there's a white "lake", shines 5 k"m away. From this salt desert the road to San Antonio was horrible(!!!), dirt road with tons of bumps, and without any car passing by... After two hours we started to get worried, because there were no signs and no cars and the sun was about to disappear, we decided that in 30 minutes we're going back, after 25 minutes we saw few street lights (yes, it was dark already) few k"m from us, we were soooo happy, we made it!
On the next day we went to Kafajate, the road, again, was dirt road with lots of bumps and up and down hills, but it was beautiful! every 10-15 minutes we had to stop to take pictures or just relax while watching the view. During this road we passed by desert mountains, rivers, and Kaktus Park.
We came back to Salta and after 2 days we went to Cordoba, my favorite city.
As i titled it in my diary "Food, Shopping and Parties", actually, on the first days we went to Alta Gracia which is the place that Che Guevara raised and went one day trip to see a waterfall, but since it hasn't rain in the last 10 months, the waterfall in Omer was bigger than this (To the "Tsfonim", few years ago there was a little waterfall in Omer, it was small!), but the thing with the rain they told us AFTER we got back to the hostel. Afterwards, we went to acity called Belegrano, supposed to be a European city. It's like a fairytale there, all made of wood and the signs written in a very special way, and the most important thing is the speciality of this town is Chocolate, Great!
Since then we just went in the streets of Cordoba, eating: Empanadas, Chocolates, Grido Ice cream (Which you can find like McDonald's in NYC) and steaks, Shopping: shirts, earrings, bracelet , necklesses and everything that on our way! and Party, during the weekends. The parties stared at 2:30 am(!!) and finish at 8:00 in the morning, i felt like a zombie after each night.
In Cordoba we met Rotem and Harel. Harel just went to Buenos Aires and Rotem stayed with us. After a week and a half

Now we are in Mendoza, nice city, with nothing special to do. We delayed our schedule because Einav had fiver and had an infection in the throat, she went to a nearby hospital and got some medicines. Two days later she was like brand new.
Today we got back from a 3 days trek in Aconcagua. On the first day i probably took too much on my back (clothes, food, sleeping bag, mattress and tent of 4 people is probably too much) and at night i felt pain in the chess, i went to the doctor and he realized the i have fiver, he decided to give me a shot of something that i can't remember (1:30 am, i barely said my name right) , but since then i feel great! (By the way, if you wondered, the shot was in the butt!!). On day 2 the girls (Einav, Rotem and Anat) went up and i stayed in the tent to get some rest, after a visit at the clinic i understood that i'm ok and the doc said that i can climb part of the way. I went 3 hours alone, (it's wasn't smart but i'm ok now..) and saw the view of Aconcagua, i felt it's very important not to miss this view, i was right.,.. that was breathtaking. On this trek i managed to loose my fleece, i was so disappointed.. and when we got to the base camp, i realized that i need this fleece, it was so cold that on the third day another Israeli with one person tent got ice inside his tent from his breading.
Now we're in Mendoza again, hading south, don't know yet rather it's gonna be Barriloche or Pukon. Either way, i'm gonna love it. We get along together and having the best time!