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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2006

Location: Haverford, PA, USA

Almost 3 months since the last time i wrote, well, i didn't have energy and the internet connection were suck!
And if it's not enough, most of you don't read it if it's long, so it would be a waist of time.. :)

Now i'm back in USA, same place, but different!
When i left here, it was 30 degrees with 80% humidity, now it's -5 with snow! ok, i lied, i've just checked and it's -7!!
Nothing much to do in that conditions.. but it's good to think about what i've done and what is going to come.

In those 3 months i've travelled with Anat, Einav and few people that joined us on the way. I really had alot of fun with the girls, and i think that it couldn't be better!

In case you really read what i wrote and you want more information, mail me.

It was a life experience, and i hope i will have the opportunity to do it again.
Just before i finish this "Blog" i want to thank all the people that i met on the way which made this trip what it became, and my family for being very supportive!