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Balistra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Feb 2007

Location: Haverford, PA, USA

MapMy last entry was erased, i don't know why...

Any way, i wrote that i'm starting to feel the end of this dream, and i can't believe it's happening.
In the the last 3 months i've been in many places in Argentina and Chile down to the southernmost town on earth, climbed few mountains and met few great people.

It's amazing how few weeks ago i've been so many k"m away, in Ushuaia.

Now, i'm back in PA, USA, where the temperature is up to 0 degrees, most of the time is -4 down to -10 at night.

Before i finish this Journal, i want to thank all the people i met on the way, who made this trip what it became, and my family that were very supportive and encourage me to do it,
I love you all!